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5 Tips For Surviving…

Surviving your first week on a new job feels just like your first day in a new school. The rush of energy to get started comes with feelings of uncertainty,..

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New Job Nightmare: Effective…

You got the job and you are greeted with cheers and congratulatory messages but upon resuming, you discover that new job perfectly encapsulates the ‘new job nightmare’ syndrome that a..

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Job Redundancy: Key Secrets…

Job redundancy is a terrifying experience; whether in the face of right-sizing or downsizing. When your employers choose to cut-down on the workforce based on economic factors and challenges and..

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First Job: 6 Reasons…

Finding your first job could be tricky but it doesn’t have to be that way. For some, it is easy but for many others, it could stretch into a frustrating..

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Career Building Networking Mistakes…

Avoiding networking mistakes can make a world of difference for you when building a career. This could mean the difference between having many opportunities and not having any at all...

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4 Ways of Staying…

Keeping in touch with an old boss is very vital for your career and other networking opportunities. These bosses can serve as mentors, friends or network contacts. However, you need to..

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3 Networking Myths and…

Are you in a situation where networking myths have held you back from actually taking full advantage of career opportunities that have come your way?? Whether you are searching for a job,..

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