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5 Tips For Surviving Your First Week at Work

5 Tips For Surviving...

Surviving your first week on a new job feels just like your first day in a new school. The rush of energy to get started comes with feelings of uncertainty, fear as well as a momentary loss of confidence. Regardless of what your story turns out to be, whether thrive..

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New Job Nightmare: Effective Ways to Handle It

New Job Nightmare: Effective...

You got the job and you are greeted with cheers and congratulatory messages but upon resuming, you discover that new job perfectly encapsulates the ‘new job nightmare’ syndrome that a growing number of career professionals find themselves dealing with. Let us put this in perspective with an incident that was..

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Job Redundancy: Key Secrets For Surviving It

Job Redundancy: Key Secrets...

Job redundancy is a terrifying experience; whether in the face of right-sizing or downsizing. When your employers choose to cut-down on the workforce based on economic factors and challenges and you are directly affected, it can bruise your ego, confidence and career Before we proceed, let’s take a quick look..

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First Job: 6 Reasons Why Companies Haven’t Hired You

First Job: 6 Reasons...

Finding your first job could be tricky but it doesn’t have to be that way. For some, it is easy but for many others, it could stretch into a frustrating experience. Do you know that your first job is very impactful to the kind of career or job(s) you will..

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